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Free Shipping on All Orders in the Continental USA
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Our Story

Jepps hasn't always been the brand it is today. Our origins are humble, driven by passion. One dancer, one sewing machine, and one pair of pants at a time.

Our founder and lead designer found himself in possession of two unique gifts as a young man, dancing and sewing. Frustrated by the lack of options, and poor fit and finish those options provided, he took it upon himself to make his own pants. It didn't take long before others on his university team and elsewhere wanted their own custom ballroom pants, and Jepps was born.

This was never indented to be a full time gig. It was a passion project, he continued to create expertly tailored pants out of kindness and for the love of ballroom. He went on to have a very successful career in the fashion industry. Designing and engineering clothing for several top brand names in the athletics and performance industries. As he became more engrossed in his professional career there was little time to continue making custom pants. There were times where he thought his custom creations were forgotten and he would finally have a break, but the days of making ballroom pants were not over yet. Someone would always track him down and ask if he still made ballroom apparel. Being the nice guy that he is and still having that love of ballroom he could never say no. In order to keep his professional career on track while still fulfilling the requests for his custom ballroom creations he recruited his cousin to help. With the two of them working together things began to pick up even more and they soon found themselves fulfilling orders at an international level. 

So here we are, a company born of a product that was too good to die. With insights gained from decades in the fashion industry it was time to take Jepps to the mainstream. We have expanded our offerings to provide not only our fully custom apparel service but also many customizable core options as well as some ready made options.

We attribute our success to our unique blend of apparel industry experience, our passion for dance, and a product that was so good it couldn't be forgotten.